Mild winter helps Christmas tree farms

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BOONVILLE - Christmas trees farms are benefiting from mid-Missouri's mild winter weather. 

The warm temperatures benefit Christmas tree farms because more people are likely to come out and pick their trees. 

Wayne Harmon, the owner of Starr Pines Christmas Farms in Boonville. said the business really depends a lot on the weather.

"We have good sales on nice weather weekends and the weekends it rains, not many people come out," Harmon said. "The rain we had right after Thanksgiving really affected us. That's what you see with people coming. It's really driven by the good weather."

Although Harmon said the sales for Christmas trees on his farms are fairly consistent every year, he said the warm weather certainly brings more people out earlier.

"If it is a cold weekend, you will see people waiting out until the next weekend because they think it might be warmer," Harmon said. "But it's Christmas time, most people are determined to get a tree regardless."

As far as the popularity for real Christmas trees, Harmon said he has seen the trend go up and down. He said he has seen a gradual increase in the demand for a real Christmas tree the past few years.

The warm weather also encourages more people to cut their own trees, which Harmon suggests people should always do.

"When you go to a tree farm and cut down your own tree, you can choose your own tree and really make it your own experience," Harmon said. "And, you're supporting local businesses by coming to a tree farm instead of buying a fake tree."

Harmon said he suspects sales could go up this weekend because it is the last weekend before Christmas.