Mile Markers Needed Along Highway 54 Bypass

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OSAGE BEACH - The Osage Beach Highway 54 Bypass has saved travel time for people in the area but has caused problems for emergency officials.

The new bypass does not have any mile markers. The mile markers help emergency officials locate accident victims. Without those markers, emergency officals cannot respond quickly to the scene. They have to guess the location based on the description the accident victims describe.

"Without mile markers, we are left guessing locations. We could better serve the community if we had mile markers. Maybe even have less fatalities," said fire chief Jeff Dorhauer.

Right now, the green directional highway signs are helping crews locate people but are not doing enough. Many people drive by without even paying attention to signs they pass but if mile markers occured more frequently, people could glance at them when they need them.

"Well I know without the mile markers out there you know they cannot respond if anybody gets hurt. I've heard a lot about that people come in and locals talk about how they had a flat tire or what not and always asking where they are at," said Pawn Shop owner Corey Murray.

Dorhauer has written letter to MoDot to explain the situation in hopes to get mile markers. MoDot has not responded.