Miller County Drug Bust

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MILLER COUNTY - The Miller County Sheriff's Office made a seventh arrest Wednesday afternoon in connection to a drug bust in Eldon. 

The Miller County Sheriff's Office made multiple arrests Monday in connection to a long-term narcotics investigation with the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force. The office was still looking for two missing suspects and said it found and arrested one, Todd Ginger, at 5:06 p.m. Wednesday.

After receiving information about a suspected heroin and fentanyl drug ring inside Miller County, officers identified Stefanie Cavanaugh as a person of interest. 

During a traffic stop, deputies searched Cavanaugh's vehicle and found suspected heroin in her possession. Cavanaugh was taken into custody and is held on charges of felony delivery of a controlled substance. 

Miller County sheriff Louie Gregoire said they have been looking into this case for months.

"We were able to get enough then [Monday] and so we executed action in a traffic stop on the one vehicle," he said.

After the arrest, the Miller County Sheriff's Office and the Mid-Missouri Task Force served a search warrant at 794 S. Eastview Street in Eldon. While searching the residence, officers found suspected methamphetamine and heroin in the house. 

The team arrested Kathryn Wilson, Lenita Ginger, Edgar Walters and Jeffrey Moad. All four are being held on various drug charges.

Deputies also conducted a search of Todd Ginger's bedroom, where they found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia which indicated the distribution and selling of narcotics. 

According to the probable cause statement from the prosecuting attorney Ben Winfrey, both Todd and Lenita Ginger are being charged with class C felonies for delivery of a controlled substance.

Deputies received word of a drug deal at the El-Rancho truck stop from multiple sources early Tuesday morning.

Sheriff's deputies along with the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force arrived on the scene and came into contact with an out-of-state vehicle in the parking lot.

Officials said the driver was Michael Regehr and Rebecca Vize was in the passenger seat. Vize was taken into custody and charged with a class D felony of possession of a controlled substance. Her bond is set at $25,000.

Regehr resisted arrest and fled the scene while officers searched the car. Regehr is not in police custody.

"If they see him in Camdenton, there is an active warrant for his arrest. So if they see him in Camdenton or Cole County or wherever, to call the local sheriff's department there or local police department," Gregoire said.

He is being charged with a class D felony possession of a controlled substance and class E felony count of resisting/interfering with an arrest.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Regehr is advised to contact the Miller County Sheriff's Office at (573) 369-2341.