Minicars Get Poor Safety Ratings

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COLUMBIA - The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released results Wednesday morning on crash tests involving cars in the "minicar" category.

Eleven cars were tested and only one was deemed "acceptable." The Chevrolet Spark was rated the 2014 Top Safety Pick because of its performance in the "overlap" test.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's website, the overlap test is more difficult than the head-on crash tests conducted by the government. The test mimics what would happen if the front corner of a vehicle hits another vehicle or object. 

Jory Mick is a Toyota Prius owner and enjoys the perks of having a small car, but said she wished she knew how her car tested, before purchasing it. 

Mick said she believes safety always come first and even though she gets good gas mileage, the protection of her car in a collision is more important. 

Here is the list of IIHS test results:

Chevrolet Spark - Acceptable

Mazda 2- Marginal 

Kia Rio- Marginal

Toyota Yaris- Marginal 

2014 Ford Fiesta (built after August 2013)- Marginal

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage- Poor

Nissan Versa- Poor

Toyota Prius c- Poor

Hyundai Accent- Poor 

Fiat 500- Poor 

Honda Fit- Poor