Minimum wage in Columbia may not be adequately taking care of families

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COLUMBIA - The Supreme Court of Missouri will hear a case about minimum wage laws in Missouri on Thursday. KOMU 8 News did research about minimum wage versus living wage in Boone County.

According to the MIT Living Wage Calculator, the minimum wage in Boone County is $7.50, while the living wage in Boone County is $21.65. This leaves a $14.15 gap that families must fill in order to have sufficient food, water, and other necessities.

One Boone County resident, DeAnthony Simmons, said the money he earns from his minimum wage job does not pay for him to live.

"The money that I make actually just allows me to do small things such as go to the movies or go bowling. It doesn't really help or contribute to paying my bills," he said. "The only thing it really helps with is utilities, and utilities are usually always under one hundred dollars."

He also said he feels he is at a disadvantage because he is a student who must balance work and school.

The Supreme Court of Missouri will hear a case on Thursday which will determine if it is lawful for cities to have a different minimum wage than the state minimum wage. Both Kansas City and St. Louis have passed ordinances to make their minimum wage different than the state.

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