Missing man's family speaks out after body found

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FULTON - The Fulton Police Department found a body on Monday that's likely to be that of 31-year-old Carl DeBrodie.

During a search, police found a body in a large container filled with concrete in a storage unit on South Westminster Ave in Fulton. Police determined that it was likely the body of Carl DeBrodie inside this container. 

"We do have a lot of information and a lot of evidence, and I can't discuss that at this time, but we do have some pretty solid evidences that probably him," Steve Myers, the chief of the Fulton Police Department, said. 

Rebecca Summers, the cousin of DeBrodie, said the family didn't get the chance to see the body, but police told them the body is DeBrodie. 

She added that they've been told the body is unidentifiable, and she assumes DeBrodie has been murdered. 

"He [the police officer] told us he has suspect in mind, which makes us believe that it was a murder," Summers said.

Summers said this never should have happened. 

"I believe that there is a negligence on the state of Missouri, on the guardian, the group home, the care takers, the people who involved with Carl on the daily basis," she said. 

The authorities said the investigation is still continuing, and there is still information that investigators are following up on. On Monday, police said they had served 8-10 warrants related to the case. Myers said the investigation will take time due to the complex nature of the incident. 

DeBrodie had a mental disability and limited communication skills. 

"He brought great joy to our family, and we all love him very much," she said. "He just a kid, you know, he loves playgrounds, water, fishing, anything to do with the outside."

The police department has not received the autopsy results yet.

Summers said she appreciated all community members who helped the searching and paid attention to DeBrodie's case. 

"We just want justice," Summers said. "We as a family, have to be his voice."