Missouri Bill Could Lead to More Guns in Schools

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JEFFERSON CITY - A bill being debated by the Missouri State Senate would allow some teachers and administrators to carry firearms in schools.

Teachers could request to become what the state deems a "school protection officer" after completing a saftey program and showing proof of a concealed carry permit.

The school board would then host a public hearing before approving any teacher as a "school protection officer"

The bill would leave the decision to each school district to handle the requests.

Bill supporters say the legislation would make schools safer, and able to better handle potential school shootings. While others believe the bill is unnecessary.

Columbia public schools currently does not allow even its resource officers to carry weapons in schools.

The bill would also nullify some federal gun laws and make it illegal for federal agents to enforce federal gun laws in Missouri.

Along with nullifying some laws, the bill would lower the minimum age for a concealed carry permit to 19.

Some supporters of the bill believe the measures makes Missourians safer.

"An armed society is a polite society," Ammo Alley owner, Doug Alley said, "The laws are there for law abiding citizens, law breakers don't care what law you pass."

Others believe the bill needs to be defeated, like St. Louis mother Melissa Brooks.

"It needs to be terminated. And we need something like universal background checks, that is something 90 percent of Americans want and is something we could do easily." Brooks said. 

State lawmakers came up just votes short in the senate last year from overriding a Governor Jay Nixon veto on a bill very similar to this one last year.

Some lawmakers say this years bill is more passable as it has already been passed by the state senate.

The house will take the bill up for debate in the coming weeks.