Missouri Business Organization Wants Change

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's top business associations gathered in Jefferson City today to discuss unresolved issues from last legislative session.

Executives addressed three key issues including discussed workers' compensation reform, employment law and tort reform.

Executives say workers' compensation impacts every employer in the state because all employers pay into the system. They added that a negative workers' compensation policy has a direct impact on the cost of the system. Businesses would like to find a fix to damaging court interpretations and bring solvency back to Missouri's failing second injury fund.

Executives added that that employment law must be another issue revisited in 2012.

President of Associated Industries of Missouri Ray McCarty said it's important to address employment law. "Employment law is continues to be one of the bottom-line issues that directly affects the employers ability to grow and create new jobs." McCarty would like to see broad-based relief to job creators of the state.

Finally, executives added that tort reform is necessary due to the threat of one frivolous lawsuit wiping out a small business owner.