Missouri campgrounds feel effects from flooding

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COLUMBIA - Campgrounds in mid-Missouri are notifying residents to retrieve their RVs in case the river continues to rise.

Cooper's Landing is one of the campgrounds affected by the floods in the area.

Kierah Cash, an employee at Cooper's Landing, said the recent rainfall has affected business.

"Business has been reduced just because it's hard to get here when the roads are closing," Cash said.

Smith Hatchery Road, one of the main roads leading to Cooper's Landing, has been flooded the past three days making it difficult for those wanting to visit the campgrounds.  

Although the campsites sit right next to the river, some residents said they are not concerned about flooding causing them to evacuate.

"I've lived here for the past 2 years, and a little bit of water is not going to make me leave," Michael Konne said.

Currently, about 15 people are living at Cooper's Landing. Cash said most residents are aware of the repercussions of living by the river.

"When you choose this lifestyle you have to make sure that you're adaptable to changes like that, so you kinda have to roll with the punches," Cash said.

Through all the weather, Cash is keeping a positive mind.

"Every year is different. Some years we can go an entire year and not have the waters come out of the banks," Cash said. "Other years it's out of the banks more often than it's in. Or some years, like a few years ago, we had a flood and a drought at the same time."

Whether it rains or snows, Cooper's Landing is open year round for visitors.