Missouri Candidates to File for Primary Ballot

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JEFFERSON CITY - Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, announced a couple of weeks ago Missouri candidates can begin filing for their names to appear on next year's February 7th presidential ballot.  The filing will begin at 8 in the morning on Tuesday and will remain open for a month, until 5 p.m. on November 22nd. 

Candidates who file on the first day of the filing process will qualify to participate in a random drawing, which will determine their postition on the ballot.  After that first day, candidate's names will show up on the ballot in the order they filed.  Only candidates from established political parties can participate in the primary.

In a news release, Carnahan said, "Just as ordinary Missourians have the chance to vote for party nominees for senator, governor and all their state and county elected officials, the Presidential Preference Primary on February 7, 2012 gives them a vote in nominating the next president."  She added, "Electing the President of the United States is serious business. Every Missourian should have the right to participate in that process. At a time when people want their voices heard, Missouri's primary ensures voters can participate directly and not have such an important decision left to party insiders."

The presidential preference primary will be held on February 7th of next year.  For more information, click here.