Missouri counties aim to improve voting conditions

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BOONE AND COLE COUNTY - Two Missouri counties are aiming to improve conditions whenever a Missourian goes out to vote. Boone County is looking to hire more poll workers. Cole County is adapting to using iPads for check-in for the first time. 

Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren said she needs more poll workers for the upcoming elections, starting with the primary election on Tuesday, March 15. 

"This year, by the November election, we'll need 600 workers at our polling places," Noren said. "So, we're recruiting people now." 

Noren said Missouri will have elections on March 15, one in April, one in August, and the presidential election on Tuesday, November 8. When it comes to searching for workers, she said she'd like a mix of workers, but also young workers, especially young workers willing to work with iPads. 

"In some polling places, where our poll workers at any polling place, there may be four or five poll workers in their seventies," Noren said. "They certainly would like to have some young person to help them carry 50 pounds worth of ballot bags in and out of the polling place, set up the equipment, move it around, those types of things certainly help out our poll workers."

At least for the March 15 election, Noren said poll workers will be paid $165 for day's work, plus extra for training sessions and setting up the polls night before. 

Boone County isn't the only county hoping to go high-tech for this election year. 

Cole County Clerk Steve Korsmeyer said this will be the first election where Cole County will be using only iPads whenever a citizen checks in to vote. 

"We used to have notebooks," Korsmeyer said. "And, they had a scanner, scan your voter ID card, and you had a signature pad. We've went to newer I-Pads. And, you sign right on the screen and everything. Most people are familiar with iPads."

Korsmeyer said thanks to the new iPads, people won't have an excuse not to go vote because the lines are too long. 

"This does it," Korsmeyer said. "Just put your voter ID card in the back. It scans it. Brings you right up. Tells you what ballot you'll get, what precinct you vote in, everything. It makes it a much faster process."