Missouri Democrats vote on presidential selection delegates

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Democratic Party selected delegates Thursday night to represent the party in the upcoming presidential election conventions. 

A total of 37 delegates will go to the 4th Congressional District Convention on April 28. They will also be able to attend the Missouri State Democratic Convention on June 18. Delegates will also have the opportunity to be elected as a Congressional District National Delegate or Alternative.

This year’s delegate selection is a little different than in past years. Delegates don't have to have voted in the primary election to be considered a delegate. 

"I think the big difference is that in 2012, President Obama was unopposed and so everyone who was a delegate simply was supporting him. But in this year, we have two candidates who are competing for the nomination,” said Homer Page, chairman of the Boone County Democratic Central Committee.

Out of the 37 delegates, Hillary Clinton will have 16 delegates and Bernie Sanders will 21 delegates representing Boone County. Clinton won the primary election overall in Missouri, while Sanders won primary election in the Boone County district.

“It’s just way of extending the process of being more involved, and I think I can make large influence or impression just helping out with all of this,” said delegate hopeful Scott Cristal. 

The full list of delegates will be listed on the Boone County Democratic Party website.

The Boone County Republican Party will host its caucus this Saturday.