Missouri Democrats want Greitens to sign affidavit

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COLUMBIA – The Missouri Democratic Party is increasing pressure on Governor Eric Greitens by asking him to sign a legally-binding document to prove he didn't blackmail the woman he had an affair with a few years ago.

The Democrats released the statement on Wednesday, with a quotation from Chairman Stephen Webber.

"Eric Greitens's time in the Governor's Mansion has been defined by corruption, dishonesty, and secrecy," Webber said in the press release. "Instead of hiding, dodging questions, and making closed-door promises to donors, he should set the record straight with Missourians by signing and legally certifying this affidavit."

KOMU 8 contacted the governor's office, but spokesperson Parker Briden declined to comment. When asked if the governor would consider signing the affidavit, Briden again declined to comment.

If Greitens signs the affidavit, then he can be legally punished if his statements are found to be false.

The affidavit asks Greitens to certify:

-that he didn't use state funds, campaign funds, or funds from A New Missouri to pay for the affair or cover it up

-that he didn't try to blackmail anyone with explicit photos to cover up the affair

-that he didn't take compromising photos of the woman he had an affair with

-that he or anyone who works for him used legal documents to cover up the affair or any potential blackmailing

-that no other affairs took place

According to CNN, two officials say the FBI is investigating Greitens. If this allegation is true and the investigation finds that any of the requirements of the affidavit are not met, then Greitens would face perjury if he signed it. 

The Missouri Democrats have not responded to a request for an interview, so it's not clear how they plan to get Greitens to sign the affidavit.

Greitens said in his most recent interview with the Associated Press that there was no blackmail or violence involved in the affair. However, he didn't directly deny if he had taken explicit pictures of the woman.

There were also rumors that Greitens would resign as a result of the affair, but he also said those reports were false as well.