Missouri Education Bill

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri lawmakers returned to a busy agenda after a week of break Monday. The Senate started its first post-break session with Senate Bill 247, which aims to remeasure the formula used in funding public Missouri primary and secondary schools.

The bill was immediately met with oppositon on the floor. Republican Senator David Pearce said that it is time for a change, since the old formula which was passed in 2005 didn't account for a recession.

"How do we come up with one formula that's fair and natural for everyone," Pearce said." And I think we did a pretty good job in 2005, but in 2005 one thing we never predicted was the slow down in the economy."

Republican Senator Eric Schmitt opposes the bill because, in his opinion, the changes it makes contradict the promise from the previous formula that school districts of a certain economic status would not see budget cuts. 

"Now that we're having difficult times," Schmitt said. "We're saying, well yeah you're not going to get any more but we'd really like you to share the pain."