Missouri Farm Bureau Discusses Concerns

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JEFFERSON CITY- Members of the Missouri Farm Bureau discussed issues in the agricultural industry at their yearly meeting Thursday evening.

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer spoke at the meeting. The Ninth District Representative informed the members of the bureau what Washington was doing for mid-Missouri's agricultural businesses.

Luetkemeyer first explained that he is in the process of creating bills that make farmers a higher priority when the Missouri River floods. He wants to ensure safety for farmers and their crops, especially after a summer where the threat of flooding was constant.

Luetkemeyer added that the House of Representatives passed 12 bills in order to put more power in small businesses. Luetkemeyer believes when small businesses improve, the agricultural business will improve.

"They create 70 percent of all the jobs created. Those are the folks we have to empower, the small business people. Those are the people who made this country what it is," said Luetkemeyer.

The organization also discussed the rise in corn prices, Fair Tax plan and national budget reform.