Missouri father talks about anti-opioid Narcan

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COLUMBIA — Governor Jay Nixon approved legislation in 2014 allowing first responders to carry medication that counter-acts a drug overdose.   

This medicine, called Narcan, was made accessible over the counter at over 200 Kroger stores in the United States earlier this year.  None of the pharmacies KOMU 8 News spoke to in mid-Missouri carry Narcan, but one pharmacist says she hasn't seen a demand.

Columbia resident Jim Marshall lost his son to a heroin overdose, and he believes that there are benefits to having Narcan available over the counter.

Marshall said having a perscription for Narcan would be useful to families coping with a member who is addicted to an opioid because a family member would have it on hand in case of an overdose.

"I don't think a severe addict really worries about dying," Marshall said. "I mean, they know it's possible. I think everyone who gets into heroin knows it's dynamite, and I don't think there's a lot of ignorance about heroin, but I think when you have that severe addiction I really don't think your mind is 'well, this one's going to kill me.'" Marshall said.

The Kroger stores that are currently making Narcan available over the counter are in Kentucky and Southern Ohio.