Missouri Football Top Ten Plays from 2010-2011 Season

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COLUMBIA - One handed interceptions, a fake punt, and a last minute touchdown...they all have something in common. They are all in the Missouri Football Top Ten Plays from the past season.

Play Number 10: Mizzou/KU--With the Tigers leading 14-0, this 31 yard touchdown run by Kendial Lawrence would have been good in flag football. He goes untouched for the touchdown.

Play Number 9: With Oklahoma driving to score a go-ahead touchdown, Missouri's Aldon Smith picked off the Landry Jones pass in the red zone.

Aldon returns it 58 yards and flips the momentum in the game.

Play Number 8: More dominant defense. Tigers Brad Madison with three sacks for a combined loss of 28 yards at Texas A&M.

Play Number 7: And seven is exactly how many rushes Henry Josey had in his breakout game against McNeese State. The freshman ran for 112 yards and three touchdowns.

"I got a little speed on me and I use it to my advantage. The offensive line opened holes up today and I just went right for it today," recalled Josey.

We keep rolling onto Play Number 6: It includes a roll-out from Blaine Gabbert. Against Illinois he finds T.J. Moe in the back corner of the end zone, one of his 13 catches for 101 yards in the game.

Play Number 5: Mizzou was sitting on it's own 28-yard line late in the 3rd quarter at Iowa state. A risky bet to fake it from there, but that's what the Tigers did. Matt Grabner runs 15 yards and sticks the landing. It led to a Tiger touchdown drive that put them up 14-0 on the Cyclones.

Play Number 4: Back to the defense. Mizzou up by 7 on Kansas State when the Smiths made a game changing play. Aldon Smith crushes the quarterback to cause the fumble, and Jacquies Smith scoops it up and runs in the for touchdown.

"It feels good. You can hear him groan a little bit when you're hitting him, but I mean it's a good feeling," said Aldon Smith.

"Well, when I was rushing the passer all I could hear was boom--like two loud trucks crashing into each other," remembered Jacquies Smith.

Player Number 3: Would you believe the best catch of the season belongs to a defensive back? And he only needed one hand. Against Illinois, Carl Gettis made the interception going backwards with one paw.

Player Number 2: Happened against the nation's number one. During the first play of the game against Oklahoma, Mizzou's Gahn McGaffie returns the opening kickoff 86 yards for a six pack of points. It helps the Tigers beat OU and leads to the biggest celebration of the season.

"Our Missouri fans and everybody in that stadium and around the state and all over are certainly very proud of our football team," said coach Gary Pinkel.

And Play Number 1: It has it's own nickname. Down 24-20 with less than a minute to play, Mizzou needed a miracle. They found it when Gabbert found T.J. Moe near the sideline. 68 yards later, the Mid-Moe miracle came to life.

Said Gabbert of the play, "I knew we were going to do it. When we got the ball back I told T.J., you're going to catch the game winning touchdown pass. He told me let's go and I said why not. Luckily they overloaded blitz us. I hit him on an out-route. He broke a tackle and scored a touchdown."

...And earned the title: The Top Play of the Year

Maybe the Insight Bowl will give us another Top Ten Play.