Missouri Group Begins Ad Campaign for Veto Override

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COLUMBIA - Missouri Club for Growth announced Wednesday it will begin an ad campaign in support of a bill that was recently vetoed.

The political action committee will begin a statewide advertising campaign to encourage lawmakers to override Governor Nixon's veto of HB 253.

The bill would lower the state's personal and business income tax and raise the sales tax in an effort to make up for the budget shortfall.

Governor Nixon vetoed the legislation saying it would cost the state too much, and threated to withhold more than $460 million from the states operating budget if lawmakers did override his veto.

But a board member for the Missouri Club for Growth, Larry Schuster, said the bill is something that could help all families in Missouri.

"Thats the disappointing thing about Governor Nixon's veto, is that there isn't a single working class family that won't benefit from it," Schuster said. "And there isn't a single family that will be harmed by it, because it is very meticulously put together, its a reasonable approach, and it doesn't kick in unless the dollar revenue stays the same."

But Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis City, said this bill is backwards thinking and if we want to move the state of Missouri forward, we need to generate more revenue. She said to reduce the revenue would be a disaster to Missouri.