Missouri House Considers New Laws for Young Drivers

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri House considered legislation Monday that would allow drivers with a learner's permit to operate a vehicle with anyone over the age of 25 in the car, as long as they have the written permission from the driver's parents.

Some local parents greeted the idea of the bill with mixed reviews. Melissa Armor's son currentyly has his temporary learner's permit.  She said she could really benefit from being able to send her son out without having to go with him.

"I could send him to Walmart, to the store, different places with his cousins and stay at home," said Armor.

Sheryl Stefan and her family moved to Columbia about a year ago.  Her son is still driving with his permit as well.  Sheryl said the bill wouldn't help her family because they don't even know enough people to help them out over the age of 25.

"Since we're fairly new to the area, it would mainly be him driving with his parents anyways."

She also said she doesn't like the idea of the bill in the first place.

"I just think that even letting anyone 25 drive with them, I mean they're still learning too.  I mean they've had some experience but not like parents have had."

If the bill passes the House, it must go back to the Senate for final approval.