Missouri House fails to override Right to Work veto

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JEFFERSON CITY - Tensions ran high at the Missouri State Capitol Wednesday as representatives and senators met for the annual veto session.

State lawmakers debated over a series of issues starting at noon Wednesday, but the issue that gained the most attention was that of Right to Work.

The bill, which Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed earlier this year, would have forbidden workers from being forced to be part of a union.

During Wednesday's session, the House failed to get enough votes to override the governor's veto. Opponents of the legislation, workers who came to watch the debate, cheered as the vote was announced.

Supporters said the legislation would have helped improve job growth in Missouri.

Following the vote, KOMU 8 News spoke to the bill's sponsor. State Rep. Eric Burlison (R-Springfield) said the fight for Right to Work is far from over.

"We talked to citizens, and especially when you poll John Q. Public, they see that the status quo is hurting Missouri," Burlison said. Burlison also said he has seen support for Right to Work in Missouri grow every year.

Rep. Stephen Webber (D-Columbia) told KOMU 8 News he sees the failure to override the veto as a victory for Missouri workers. Other opponents of Right to Work said they were worried it would hurt Missouri workers in the long run.

Moving ahead, Burlison said he expects to bring the issue back to the attention of fellow lawmakers when the state legislature meets again next year.

Following the veto session, the state legislature will be back in session in January 2016.