Missouri kids learn about hunting through educational class

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JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri Department of Conservation put on a deer hunting education class for kids 6 and older Saturday afternoon. The free event took place at Runge Nature Center and kids could attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The class discussed proper hunting methods, proper clothing, and state rules and regulations. However, most importantly, the class focused on hunting safety.

Jonathan Brockes-Koch, an 11-year-old hunter,  believes there are a few things every hunter must have with them before going out.

"One, a safety device that can get help and you can communicate with people around you," Brockes-Koch said. "Wear orange all the way around the head or full body or just a hat and a vest."

Sara Rittman, a Department of Conservation volunteer naturalist and hunting educator, taught the class. She hopes kids who attend such events enjoy all that nature has to offer, but also realize the responsibilities of hunting.

"I hope they take away that deer hunting is a lot of fun, but that there's a lot involved in it," Rittman said. "The preparation part os a big part of it, but that can be fun too."

Deer hunting season varies based on age and other factors. Be sure to check with the Department of Conservation for deer season start and end dates.