Missouri Lawmakers Debate Voter I.D. Amendment

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Republicans are pushing for a constitutional amendment that would require voters to show a government-issued I.D. in order to vote.

Supporters of the legislation say the amendment would cut down on voter fraud. Opponents say the legislation would do more harm than good.

Rep. John Wright, D- Columbia, said the bill is unnecessary because there are very few cases of voter fraud. Wright said the bill would negatively affect some 200,000 Missourians. 

Rep. Caleb Rowden, R-Columbia, disagrees. Rowden said most cases of voter fraud go unreported and that voter fraud could potentially swing an election. 

The amendment would have very little impact on most Missourians. The legislation would require a person to show any basic form of government-issued I.D, such as a licence, to vote. The estimated 200,000 Missourians without I.D.'s would have to apply for one from either the state or federal government.

The legislation passed through the Missouri House on party lines without a single representative crossing party lines. The legislation will still face a vote in the Senate before moving on.