Missouri Leads Nation in Methamphetamine Arrests

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri topped the list for methamphetamine arrests in an AP survey released this week. Missouri, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, had more methamphetamine incidents of any other state with 2,096. Methamphetamine incidents include laboratories, chemical/equipment/glassware seizures and dump sites.

A sheriff of one mid-Missouri county said the number is skewed because size of labs differ from state to state. According to the survey, Midwestern states have many shake-and-bake labs which are small and can be fit into a briefcase or a soda bottle.

"Missouri is filled with small shake-and-bake labs while other states, like California, has many large super labs," Cole County Sheriff Greg White said. "The labs here in Missouri are much smaller. There may be more of them but the amount of meth being produced is much lower."

In mid-Missouri, Cooper and Montgomery County led the way with 18 incidents. Maries County had 17. Boone County had seven and Callaway County had four. A complete list of incidents by county is available here. Jefferson County, near St. Louis, led the state with 253 incidents.

Missouri, which had the most methamphetamine incidents from 2003-2009, regained the top spot from Tennessee. Tennessee had almost 1,700 recorded incidents. Indiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma round out the top five.