Missouri legalizes medical marijuana

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COLUMBIA - Missouri voters have passed Amendment 2, legalizing medical marijuana. This makes the state the 32nd in the nation to legalize the drug.  

There were three ballot initiatives regarding medical marijuana; Amendment 2, Amendment 3 and Proposition C. All of them would legalize growing, manufacturing, selling and consuming marijuana for medical use at the state level.

Of the three initiatives, only Amendment 2 passed.

The amendment will impose a 4 percent tax on marijuana sales that would go toward services for veterans. It was also the only initiative that allows for home growing, allowing patients to grow up to six plants.

“I think that people recognized that patients should have the option to cultivate a few plants for their own use," Amendment 2 supporter, Dan Viets said. "That was one thing that our opposition tried to use against us.”

Supporters of the amendment held an election night watch party in Columbia Tuesday night. When the amendment passed many of them were shocked and excited.

“We did a good job, we got the message out that, 'Yes on two and no on three,'” supporter Kimberly Ruiz said.

The amendment is expected to bring in $18 million in annual tax revenue, and will cost the state $7 million in operating expenses. It will provide $6 million for local governments through taxes and fees.