Missouri legislators want to review Nixon's Ferguson actions

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COLUMBIA - Senate and House leaders in Missouri have released a statement asking for a review of Gov. Jay Nixon's actions regarding the unrest in Ferguson. 

On the website of Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles, a press release criticizes the governor for a "lack of communication and information" about his request for a special session. Nixon said Monday that session is no longer necessary. 

Sen. Kurt Schafer, R-Columbia, is on the budget committee and helped the legislative leaders with the the specifics of how much the governor does have for emergency situations. 

"After researching this issue and discussing it with appropriations staff, I can find no apparent reason why the Governor cannot use this appropriation for either the Guard or Patrol given that he has declared a state of emergency in responding to Ferguson," Schafer said in an email to all of the senators. 

Nixon called legislative leaders Nov. 28 to say a special session should be held in order to find funds to pay the national guard and the Highway Patrol.

The press release from Dempsey said existing funds were enough to pay "the personnel needed to provide security in Ferguson and greater St. Louis."

Even some Democratws have been critical of Nixon's request for a special session. Below is a tweet sent the day after Nixon's request by Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St.Louis.

Dempsey lead the call for a Joint Committee on Government Accountability to examine the governor's actions and to see if emergency appropriations were necessary.