Missouri legislature has last day of session

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JEFFERSON CITY- "Busy" is the word that many representatives used to describe the last day of session. 

Rep. Deb Lavender, D-St. Louis County, said there was a lot of activity going on on the House floor.  

"Between the House and the Senate, everybody's trying to get their legislation to pass," Lavender said. "Some of us aren't happy with the legislation." 

She said she, along with a lot of the other Democrats, were "trying to do all we can to maybe slow things down and see if we can prevent some of the more egregious bills from getting across the finish line."

Rep. Jean Evans, R-St. Louis County, said the last day of session was a "whirlwind."

"We're trying to get a lot of things passed and there is a little bit of an ego involved in some of these situations," Evans said. 

She said the decision-making process has been a tough one.

"Sometimes there's a bill that we really like that we want to pass but it's got something in it that we really don't like and we have to make a decision about whether to go forward with that," she said.

Lavender said the session overall has been "challenging".

"Issues that have been on the Republican plates for years and with a Republican governor now, they steamrolled over opposition to right to work, prevailing wage, project labor agreements." Lavender said. "I think it's really done damage to the people of this state."

Evans said she thinks otherwise.

"I'm excited about what it might do for the economy. I think there's some other things we can do," she said.

Evans said she is hopeful her bill to raise the marriage age in Missouri to fight human trafficking will get passed, but so far its been sidelined. 

Lavender said her main focus now is the bill for a prescription drug monitoring program. She said she's worried because the language in the bill has been altered and she doesn't think Democrats will vote for it this year. 

Both representatives said they are unsure if they will have to go into special session after the regular session wraps up Friday.