Missouri Military Academy houses active shooter training

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MEXICO - Missouri Military Academy has trained almost all of its cadets in a program called ALICE. Now, the academy is serving as a venue for the public to learn how to protect themselves in active shooter situations. 

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. Each letter represents a survival strategy. It was created by a retired police officer in 2001 as way to help people react instead of hide.  

"Unfortunately the active shooters happen. As we know, we watch the press and it happens in theater halls, shopping malls, it can happen anywhere," ALICE trainer Rik Thornton said." Anyone can learn from this sort of training, it can be adapted to any sort of scenario." 

The course is offered for two days and costs $595 per person. It will feature four parts:

  • Background knowledge on active shooter situations
  • An overview of the five steps of ALICE training
  • Live scenario drills where participants will be walked through how to react in an active shooter situation
  • Training on how to become an ALICE instructor

Thornton has instructed all of the MMA cadets and said the main goal is to get rid of the traditional lockdown method.

"In regards to ALICE, we're talking about enhanced lockdown, where we actually barricade the rooms that we're in. We try to fortify it as much as possible, and we need to put a time delay between the assailant and the individual," Thornton said. 

One cadet said ALICE training has made him feel more comfortable knowing he's trained to react, instead of hide.

"Its important for all of us to be safe," Cadet Joshua Paley said. "Having a way to counteract that or protect ourselves instead of hiding and being passive is invaluable."

MMA said the training can benefit law enforcement, school, church, hospital, and all workplace administrators and employees. The goal is to bridge the gap  between the start of a violent event and the arrival of law enforcement. 

The date for the next ALICE training has not been set, but if interested contact Missouri Military Academy, or ALICE training institute. Email can be sent to Richard Thorton or [email protected]