Missouri Military Cadets Clean Abandoned Veteran Graves

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AUDRAIN COUNTY - On a chilly spring morning, a group of ten high school cadets from the Missouri Military Academy gathered at a small cemetary Thursday outside Mexico, Mo. to honor veterans by cleaning headstones.

The project was organized by Lt. Col. Tim Scherrer, the academy's community service coordinator. He said it's a worthwhile cause that is often overlooked.

"If they're in a national cemetary, like Jefferson Barracks or the State cemetary up in Jacksonville, things are going to get taken care of up there. But in these smaller cemetaries, it's very easy for things like this to happen," Scherrer said.

For many of the cadets, their future plans include joining the military.

"Them knowing that someone could be out there taking care of thier grave 100 years from now is important. Also, to remember the service of those who came before them and the freedoms they have becuase of people who served before them," Scherrer said.

The cadets said they cleaned graves from veterans as long ago as the Civil War, and this made history come alive.

"It's making sure we still show our country respect and maintain the graves of people who gave their lives for us," cadet Kane Anderson said.

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