Missouri Nurses Attend Summit for Improved Healthcare

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COLUMBIA - More than 200 nurses and nursing stakeholders gathered Tuesday, June 28, to discuss plans for the future of nursing in Missouri. The Missouri Teamwork Summit, led by Missouri Nurses Association, Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance and Missouri League of Nursing, was created in response to a 2010 Institute of Medicine Report, Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.

The report outlines various ways the nursing profession can change to meet the needs of the public more effectively.

The goals of the summit were similar to ones outlined in the IOM Report:

  • Removing barriers that prevent nurses from practicing to the full extent of their education and training
  • Fostering interpersonal collaboration
  • Expanding opportunities for nurses to lead change within the health care system
  • Strengthening nurse education and training
  • Improving health care workforce data collection to better assess and project workforce requirements.
Jill Kliethermes, CEO OF Missouri Nurses Association, said the bottom line for the summit is to improve healthcare access for mid-Missourians. According to event planners, there will be an increase in those who need healthcare providers across the country and nurses will need to meet the influx. Klietheremes said there is a shortage of nurse educators and an aging nursing profession.