Missouri Nurses Pleased with New Bill for Students

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COLUMBIA - Missouri nursing educators were happy Friday to hear about the signing of House Bill 223, the Advanced Placement Incentive Grant Program for STEM and Caring for Missourians Nursing Education Incentive.  The bill increases scholarships for math and science students and gives Missouri's universities more money to hire more nursing faculty members.  Governor Jay Nixon signed the bill Thursday.

The teachers met for a three-day nursing educators conference at the Courtyard Marriott in Columbia.  One Joplin educator said she was happy to hear this news, because she is worried about many of her nursing students' ability to pay for nursing school following the disastrous tornado in May.

Governor's press secretary, Scott Holste, said the governor hopes House Bill 223 will increase the growing demand for nurses and ultimately benefit all Missourians.  The bill could provide up to $150,000 a year to each Missouri nursing program to hire more staff to train more nurses over the next three years.  The governor expects the program could train more than 130 additional nursing students per year.  He hopes the bill will also encourage more Missouri students to take advanced placement exams in math and science.  The bill passed with bipartisan support.