Missouri Orthopaedic Institute offers Friday Night Lights players clinic

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Orthopaedic Institute is now offering a free sports clinic called Friday Night Lights.

Sports physicians are leaving their office lights on to offer late-night clinics for surrounding high school athletes who get injured during Friday's games. 

The clinic offers services like X-rays, physical exams, and early diagnosis' of sports injuries. 

"The program came about as a need to service the children of mid-Missouri and provide some outreach for local high schools," Missouri Orthopaedic Surgeon Seth Sherman said. "Particularly the ones in the surrounding region that may not get the support of the high schools in Columbia." 

Physicians said the program provides a place for athletes with non-emergency injuries to come in and get a free diagnosis. 

"We try to see any and all injuries. We have both non-operative and surgical providers who staff the clinic. We are really to take care of these injuries at the point of care, to get as quick as we can to a point of recovery to save them time and get them back safely to play," Sherman said. 

Sherman said the clinic offers other opportunities like educational programs for medical students.  

"We also have a pre-season team doctor seminar, were we focus on emergency action plans, thinking about the worst-case scenarios, so we can help at the time with EMS on the field," Sherman said. 

The clinic is set to run every Friday from 9:30 to 11 p.m. for the rest of the football season.