Missouri Pay It Forward assists Columbia homeless organization

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COLUMBIA - Missouri Pay It Forward gathered donations Monday to support a small local organization. 

Missouri Pay It Forward Founder Sylvia Sprinkle delivered a truckload of necessities to the Turning Point organization. 

Sprinkle was able to handout more than 30 donated items ranging from sleeping bags and tents to non-perishable food items.

Turning Point is an organization based out of United Methodist Church in Columbia, Missouri, that assists homeless in the community. 

Sprinkle founded Missouri Pay It Forward last November.

She said working with Turning Point is perfect, because both organizations share the same goals and mission.

"Columbia has a lot of resources," Sprinkle said. "But this is one of the major resources that I like to put my heart into because they actually help the people who live in the tents."

Sprinkle said most shelters and organizations that assist homeless people in Columbia have rules on who can attend and be assisted, based on their past criminal records or current mental health status.

She said she chose to assist Turning Point out of all the homeless organizations in Columbia because it does not have any restrictions on who can come and take items that they need.

"A lot of places have no trespasses on," Sprinkle said. "But at Turning Point you can come and get help regardless of your situation."

Sprinkle said Turning Point is different from other organizations because the staff members who run it on a daily basis are also homeless. 

"They step up and they volunteer," Sprinkle said. "They cook, they do the cleaning and they are people that really want to better themselves."

Turning Point assists around 45 to 60 people every weekday between 8 a.m and noon. 

Sprinkle said she will continue delivering truckloads of collected items to Turning Point each week. 

She will be collecting items that are listed on the Turning Point weekly wish list, which can be found on the Missouri Pay It Forward Facebook page