Missouri ranks 10th in the country for women killed by men

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MEXICO-- As Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to a close, a report by the Violence Policy Center shows that Missouri ranks 10th in female homicide rates. 

New Mexico tied with Missouri for the number 10 spot. 

According to the report, the homicide rate among females murdered by men was 1.52 per 100,000 in 2015. In Missouri, 47 women were killed.

(Data from Violence Policy Center)

Executive Director for Audrain County Crisis Intervention Services, Janelle Williams, said rural communities are more likely to have cases of domestic violence.

"Rural communities really have it bad because there are a lack of resources, there's lack of transportation, you tend to have more poverty issues and so domestic violence issues tend to be a bigger issue in rural communities."

In Missouri, 95 percent of women killed were killed by someone they knew, and 65 percent died at the hands of someone they were intimately involved with.

Guns were the cause of death among 71 percent of identifiable females intimates in 2015.

Matthew Huffman, the prevention director of Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, said there hasn't been an urge to close the gap in the Missouri state law that allows domestic abusers to carry guns.

"Our state laws provide that gap. Many of those are created because there hasn't been a strong push," Huffman said.

"The presence of a gun in a domestic violence household increases risk of homicide by 500 percent," Williams said. 

Victims of domestic violence can seek help through the following local services:

  • Crisis Line: 573-875-1370; Toll Free Crisis Line: 1-800-548-2480
  • Boone County - True North 
  • Audrain County - ACCIS
  • Callaway County - CARDV
  • Missouri Coalition Against Domestic Violence 
  • 24-Hour Help Line: 573-642-4422; Toll Free Help Line: 866-642-4422