Missouri Redistricting Could Cause Tension

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JEFFERSON CITY - The 2012 election could see a lot more tension in many of Missouri's Congressional districts between republicans and democrats. At least that's what it's looking like according to the first drafts of Missouri's proposed redistricting maps. A republican controlled state Senate committee on redistricting is scheduled to release its proposed map today. Meanwhile a republican controlled state House comittee released its proposed map last week. Chairman Scott Rupp, a Republican from Wentzville, says the Senate proposal will most likely look different.

Missouri currently has nine seats in the U.S. House, but as a result of the 2010 Census which showed its population growing slower than the rest of the country, it is losing one. The state Legislature is responsible for drawing the boundaries of the eight resulting districts.

The House comittee should vote on its proposed plan tomorrow. The first and third districts in the city of St. Louis will see the biggest changes under the proposed plan. Democratic representatives William Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan, who represent the first and third districts respectively, would have to compete for control of the first district. Carnahan's third district would become a part of as many as four other districts. The plan also divides up mid-Missouri, putting Jefferson City and Cole County into a new district that extends all the way east to the outskirts of St. Louis.