Missouri requires new test for teachers

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced Friday it will require another test for new teachers.

The test assesses incoming teachers' ability to teach. New teachers had previously only take a test over the content they teach in the classrooms.

"This is a big step forward for us to ask that other question, 'do we know how to teach it?' and it's an important one. So I think it's a big day for us," assistant commissioner for the Office of Educator Quality Paul Katnik said.

He said this test will make sure teachers are prepared before their first day.

"Readiness means 'do you know your content and can you teach your content?' This fills in another piece that we haven't had and we need to have," Katnik said.

The test consists of four parts.

  • Part 1: Context
    • Do you know the place you're teaching and the type of kids you're teaching?
  • Part 2: Student Assessment
    • How do you know if the students understand what you're teaching?
  • Part 3: Teaching Strategies
    • How do you actually go about teaching?
  • Part 4: Evidence of Teaching
    • Example of you teaching - either on video or in person

DESE says this new test relates to the department's goal of preparing, developing and supporting effective educators. This is part of the department's 'Top 10 by 2020' goal. You can read an in-depth story about 'Top 10 by 2020' on KOMU.COM.