Missouri resident straddles the state border

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KANSAS CITY - An apparent rivalry exists between Missouri and Kansas, as many Kansas City Royals fans are fully aware of. One born and raised Missourian has seen both sides of the battle.

Dick Nelson lives about 150 feet from the border of Missouri and Kansas. He's always been fully aware of the rivalry between the two states.

"We have lots of rivalries between Johnson County and Kansas City, Missouri," Nelson said with a smile. "Political and economically, and kind of sarcastically, we like to make comments about each other."

Nelson worked for KOMU in the 1970s and 1980s. His next stop might not have gone over too well with his former coworkers.

"I started working at KU, sorry," Nelson said with a laugh. "It was in about 1996. So I was there 12 years."

Nelson found a home close to the University of Kansas but not too close. His home sits one street away from State Line Road, which divides Missouri and Kansas. His house is on the Missouri side.

"Yeah, well, I'm a Missourian, so I was born in Missouri," Nelson said. "And spent most of my life here."

"When it comes to the Royals being in the World Series, there's no division. We're all one. I'm not a sports fan at all, really, but you can't help but be now. So, like everybody else in the area, I'm glued to the TV set every game."

As of now, Nelson is happily retired and enjoying time with his dog, Durham. However, has he ever considered moving and crossing over the dissecting double yellow line?

"I considered it on occasion, but not very seriously," Nelson said while laughing.

Nelson says he plans to tune in for Tuesday's critical Game 6.