Missouri River Ranked Fourth Endangered in US

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JEFFERSON CITY - A new report from the the advocacy group American Rivers lists the Missouri River as the fourth most endangered in the country.  Following the release of this report, environmental specialists are now looking for ways to fix the problem.

The report lists an outdated flood management plan as the reason for the bad rating.  The group said flooding has increased drastically in recent years, as seen by the severe flooding along the river July 2011. 

The group said the Missouri River's sole use of dams to prevent flooding does not work and a new management system needs to be used.  Recommendations include using floodplains and wetlands to absorb excess water. 

To make this happen, the group plans to request full funding from Congress for the Missouri River Recovery Project.  It is also asking for assistance from the American Corps of Engineers.

The report highlighted the main problem and cause of flooding is due to a series of large reservoirs created by the dams.  The reservoirs increase the risk of flooding, threatening the safety of the general public.