Missouri River Regional Library offers Wi-Fi hotspots to check out

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JEFFERSON CITY- The Missouri River Regional Library is now renting out Wi-Fi hotspots. The hotspots fit in the palm of your hand, and allow users to gain access to Wi-Fi anywhere.

“It’s great because like if you’re going on family vacation, if your taking a trip or a road trip, if you really need to have like an off site meeting somewhere you can come check one of these out and then you have internet in your car, you have internet at the beach or where ever you are,” said Natalie Newville, the marketing coordinator at the Missouri River Regional Library.

The devise works by using a signal from near by cell towers, and it has unlimited data. Users can connect any type of devise from a mobile phone, tablets and even computers.

Right now the library only has nine available for the public to use, but hopes to obtain more in the next few years. “We do only have a total of nine available, so there’s five in the Jefferson City branch, two in the Linn branch and two in the book mobile. The people that we order it from, because we get these at such a great rate your only allowed to order ten a year, so we have nine for the public now and one for our outreach,” said Newville.

The idea to get the new mini routers came from people within the community.

“We did a lot of community conversations a year to a year and a half ago, and one of the things they wanted was more digital offerings, and so this is really a great way for us to kind of bridge that gap and provide more access for people in the community,” said Newville.

The director of the library, Claudia Schoonover, said in a press release “this is just one way that the library is working to expand access within the communities we serve.”

Those at the library hope to continue to offer new things for its users.

“So we are always looking for new ideas and new ways to really help enhance the lives of the people in the community, so common misconception is the library is just all about books, but we have so many other offerings, so many other things,” said Newville.

Checking out a Wi-Fi hotspot is as easy as checking out a book; all you need is your library card. Rentals are limited to three weeks at a time, and there are no renewals due to its popularity.