Missouri's unemployment rate increased in August

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COLUMBIA - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Missouri had the highest unemployment rate increase in the country this past month.

Missouri's unemployment rate jumped from 4.7 percent in July to 5.1 percent in August.

Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico and Oregon also saw a significant increase from July to August.

Though Missouri saw the highest rate increase, 19 states and the District of Columbia still had a higher unemployment rate.

Amy Susan, the Missouri Department of Economic Development communications director, said unemployment rate changes on a month-to-month basis are not much to worry about because of varying factors like people looking for work or job creation.

"It's just one of those data sets that could go up, it could go down. If you have more people in the labor force, that could also cause it to go up or down or more people wanting to apply for jobs could also have an impact," Susan said.

Susan said despite the unemployment rate increase this past month, Missouri's economy is still moving forward and growing.

"We are creating jobs," Susan said.

Susan said in 2015 Missouri businesses added more than 51,000 employees.

She also said Missouri increased its private sector employing units by 8,700.