Missouri Schools to Pilot New Educator Evaluation System

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Education has announced that schools can pilot a new teacher evaluation system during the 2012-2013 school year. This is part of a larger effort by Missouri education groups that started in 2008. They are working to develop and improve standards for teachers throughout the state.

The Department of Education worked with more than 170 school districts to develop the new educator evaluation system that it will present at a conference next month. The system focuses on not only tracking student progress, but also the progress of teachers throughout their careers.

Sam Kriegel has been teaching at Hickman High School for two years. According to Kriegel, feedback from other educators is invaluable for new teachers. "I think a lot of times they're giving me specific feedback as to what I need help with. And it's people I trust and it's people that have, a lot of times, been in the same situation (I'm in)," said Kriegel.

Schools may volunteer to take part in the trial period which will run through next school year. The Department of Education will gather and evaluate feedback in order develop a perfected system in the summer of 2013.