Missouri Schools Vulnerable to Sequester Cuts

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COLUMBIA - A new School Superintendents Association report names Missouri as one of fourteen states relying on the federal government for 15 percent or more of its K-12 education revenue.

In 2011, statewide, 16 percent of revenue in Missouri schools came from the federal government with 45.1 percent of the funding coming from the state level. The remaining 38.9 percent came from local contributions. With five percent across the board budget cuts at the federal level, the sequester leaves schools in states like Missouri trying to fill the gaps.

Columbia Public Schools depend less on the federal government when cuts like this happen. That's because only six percent of the district's revenue comes from federal funds. Sixty-two percent of Columbia's budget comes from local contributors and taxes, 25 percent from the state level.

For districts in the Show Me State receiving a greater portion of their revenue from the federal government, the report shows schools are harder hit by budget cuts. Often times, poorer schools are unable to offset the decreased funding.