Missouri Senate Budget Plan May Miss Target

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JEFFERSON CITY - Efforts in the Missouri Senate to cut the budget of the agency that issues driver's licenses may affect funding for registration of ATV's, boats, and mobile homes. The senate passed a budget plan Monday that excludes a $3.5 million allotment for the Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division of the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Missouri Senator Kurt Shaefer, R-Columbia, said the intention for the cut was leverage information from state officials about improper licensing processes. However, Missouri Budget Director Linda Luebbering told KOMU 8 News Wednesday the cuts would not affect the budget line for licenses, and would instead prevent registration of boats and manufactured homes.

 Shaefer said the legislative process can cut the funds, but the Department of Revenue can ultimately divert it to another line of funding. "If they choose to divert that money, which they can do to another line, then I guess they're going to do that. If they're choosing to do that to the public, that's their choice," Shaefer said.  

Several Democratic senators refused to comment on the budget changes.