Missouri Senate Committee Revisits Gun Control

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Senate's General Laws Committee discussed a bill Tuesday which would nullify certain federal gun laws. The bill is similar to legislation from last year which failed.

Bill supporters say the legislation would protect the second amendment rights of Missourians. Committee chair and bill sponsor senator, Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Franklin County answered questions on changes from last year's bill.

Sen. Nieves said he would work with different senators and groups to make it a more passable bill.

Committee vice chair and doctor, Sen. Rob Schaff, R-St. Louis, expressed concerns that the bill could get health care professionals in trouble.

The bill would allow school districts to have some teachers as school resource officers, which means a designated teacher or administrator could carry a concealed firearm. 

The bill provides more protection for gun owners, by making it a misdemeanor for agents to enforce laws nullified by the act.

The legislation would lower the age for a concealed carry permit to 19.

The Senate's General Laws Committee will hear more debate on the bill Tuesday, Jan. 28.