Missouri Senate Holds Veto Session

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Senate had a veto session Wednesday afternoon to potentially override Governor Jay Nixon's vetoes on bills back in June.

Some of the bills up for potential override were Senate Bill 3, which would require all voters to show photo identification upon voting, and Senate Bill 282, which would move Missouri's presidential primary back a month, from February to March. The governor previously vetoed these bills.

Proponents for the identification bill said showing identification is integral to keep American values.

"I believe the election process and the integrity behind the election process is probably the most important thing in our democracy," Senator Brad Lager, R-Maryville, said. "You have to show your ID to buy a car, you have to show your ID to travel, you have to show your ID."

Lager stressed the bill will not exclude different races and classes from voting.

"There have always been provisions in the past that allow people who don't have a government issued ID to get one free of charge," he said.

"I was initially against the [photo identification] bill," Senator Joseph Keaveny, D-St. Louis, said. "However, the governor vetoed that bill and I support the governor."

The Senate voted to not override a veto, while the House of Representatives is still contemplating.

After the session, the senators gathered and visited in the hallways. While some of them argued back and forth during senate sessions, some seemed very cordial and friendly toward each other afterwards.  

During a veto session, both the Senate and the House of Representatives can vote to override a governor's veto if each passes the bill by a two-thirds majority.