Missouri Senators Stress Priorities Following Shutdown

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COLUMBIA - The federal government went back to work Thursday following a 16 day shutdown. The United States House and Senate passed a budget deal Wednesday night and President Obama signed it into law Thursday morning to end the shutdown and raise the debt limit.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill was unavailable for an interview Thursday but provided a statement stressing the importance of compromise between political parties.

"Let's learn from this and do better. I sincerely hope this bipartisan agreement can be a blueprint for future cooperation and compromise. As we turn the page, I'm anxious to get back to work on the things that really matter to Missouri families - like expanding job opportunities, fixing our roads, and making college more affordable. But we're only going to achieve those goals through negotiation, compromise, and moderation," she said.

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt said both Republicans and Democrats are aware of the damage they have caused the country.

"I think both the majority and minority in the Senate, Democrats and Republicans, are more and more aware of the damage we've done to the institution of the federal government and the country by simply not doing the fundamentals of our work and hopefully we can get back to that," Blunt said.

Blunt also said the government needs to get back to focusing on priorities.

"It's clear that the government spends too much, borrows too much, those really have to be the two main targets after yesterdays vote and it's time we got back to the business of debating priorities and setting those priorities," Blunt said.

The budget deal will fund federal agencies through Jan. 15.