Missouri shoppers experience unpredictable food prices

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COLUMBIA - A Missouri Farm Bureau survey shows Missouri shoppers paid more for some food items in the third quarter of the year than they did six months before.

The report focused on 16 food items including eggs, milk, and meats.

The 16 items totaled $48.96 in the third quarter compared to $47.45 at the end of the first quarter.

Lucky for shoppers, the price for those 16 items is $2.17 less than last year's total of $51.13.

Items that recieved a major price change include meats and dairy products.

Sirloin tip roast increased by 48 cents, while chicken breast prices decreased. Milk prices dropped 12 cents in the six month period from $3.94 to $3.79.

"Of the 16 items surveyed, 10 were more costly this quarter, while six dropped in price," Diane Olson, MFB Director of promotion and education programs, stated in a news release.

A dozen eggs experienced the most dramatic price change - a $1.34 increse.  One shopper said these numbers were not a surprise. 

"Eggs have been going up for a while. It's not just been going up slow, but its been going up," said Columbia resident Ronald Hayes.

Olson said this is a result of the Avian Influenza outbreak earlier this year. 

Hayes said he shops at different grocery stores in the area to get the best deals. 

"All of them got different prices. The choice is where you want to go," Hayes said.

MFB said food prices are impacted by energy costs, which are lower than last year.