Missouri State Fair Officials Ensure Safety After Indiana Tragedy

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SEDALIA - Missouri State Fair officials ensured visitors' safety Sunday after the previous day's tragedy in Indiana.  The stage collapse at the Indiana state fair killed four, and a fifth died overnight from injuries.

Indiana officials are calling the strong winds that caused the collapse a fluke, but Missouri State Fair officials have taken safety precautions to prevent a similar catastrophe in Sedalia. 

Missouri State Fair director Mark Woolfe said that safety systems include: portable tornado sirens, daily conference calls with the highway patrol, and Sedalia police's doplar radar systems. 

There is also a safety evacuation plan read before each concert, and Wolfe says the audience responds to it with applause.

Audiences can also benefit from the strength of the concert stages themselves.  "The stage is very secure.  It's tied off in eight different points to very stable attachments," said Bob Brickley, the vice president of the booking company that sets up the stage.

Missouri State Fair management feels for the losses in Indiana.  Brickley said that it was a freak accident, and Woolfe said his heart went out to those who suffered from it.