Missouri State Highway Patrol gives tips for driving in the rain

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JEFFERSON CITY- April showers mean drivers will have to deal with wet road conditions.

KOMU 8 Weather predicts some of these showers on Thursday, which will make things a bit tougher for people on the roads.

"When it's wet, it multiplies what you have to pay attention to," Cpl. Scott White of Missouri State Highway Patrol said.

Some of those things include paying attention to low water crossings, allowing more room to brake between cars, and generally driving slower, said White.

White said flash flooding, hydroplaning and soft shoulders are some of the main problems drivers experience when it's raining.

Soft shoulders happen when ditches on the sides of roads fill up with water, making it more difficult for drivers who end up on the side of the road to get out.

White pointed out drivers frequently forget to turn on their headlights when it is raining, which is a law in Missouri.

White also said to not use cruise control when it's raining. Doing so can lead to the vehicle's tires continuing to spin while sliding, which can make it difficult for the driver to regain control.

"When you're hydroplaning and you're in cruise control, you're first reaction is to hit the brake," said White. "This can potentially be very dangerous. "

When not in cruise control, White advises drivers to slowly ease off the gas if they need to slow down.

He said the Missouri State Highway Patrol encourages drivers to be alert at all times, but to be prepared for the worst-case scenario in rainy conditions.