Missouri State Museum River Exhibit Reels in Crowds

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JEFFERSON CITY- The Missouri State Museum held its annual fall event Friday night.  The Resources Hall was turned into a river, complete with running water.

The event had a river tour, where families stopped at examples of wetlands and swamps, springs and an oxbow lake.  Guests of the museum also learned about wildlife that lived in the different kinds of rivers, as well as how the rivers help the state.

Along with the river tour, there were activities and crafts for children and informational packets about all the rivers in Missouri. 

Museum Director Linda Endersby was pleased with how the event came together.

"Last year, we turned the Resources Hall into a cave, so I am very excited for everyone to see the exhibit and all the hard work that went into it."

Seven-year-old Rueban Pirtle came with his family and enjoyed all the activities there for the kids.

"I like the coloring," Pirtle said. "I also like all the activities they have.

This is the second annual fall event the museum has held.