Missouri State Treasurer's Office Auctioned Off Unclaimed Property

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri State Treasurer's Office auctioned off about 1,000 items today at their annual Unclaimed Property Auction.

Among the highest sellers were a diamond ring, Beatles collector cards, sterling silver silverware, and coins.

"You never know what is going to be the highest selling item until the hammer is down," said Director of Unclaimed Properties Scott Harper.

The Missouri State Treasurer's Office collects the contents of safety deposit boxes when there is no activity in the acount for five years. The treasury holds an auction whenever their vaults fill up to create space.

The money collected from the auction will go back into the accounts of the original owner of the property.

"That money will be put into those accounts if those owners of their relatives ever come forward in the future, they will get that money. It never becomes a property of the state," said Harper.

About 10 percent of Missouri residents have unclaimed property. To find out if you have any unclaimed property go to ShowMeMoney.com.